How We Benefit You


·         We can close fast - if necessary, within 24 hours - or, we can fit your schedule. You can move in as soon as you are approved by us.

·         We can work with non-traditional credit. We can accept any credit as long as the down payment meets our requirements.

·         We can offer you a fair price and reasonable monthly payments.

·         We can work with you on the timing of your move.

·         If you have a house you need to get rid of, we have solutions for you whether your house needs repairs, or you are relocating, behind on payments, divorcing, changing jobs, or just don't want to have renters destroy your home. If your home qualifies, we might even be able to trade!

·         If you are not FULLY SATISFIED with the terms of our Agreement at the time you take our house off the market, we will part as friends and not do business together.


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